Advertise with Sevents

Sevents provides a number of opportunities for businesses and organizations that want to promote their event or services to the Sevents audience.

Promoted event

Feature your event in a special section at the top of the week's calendar. Add a photo to your event to make it pop.

Sitewide banner

Feature your business or event as a banner on desktop and mobile screens.

Available as an exclusive or non-exclusive.

Weekly rundown

Sponsor our weekly rundown email to reach engaged and active members of the community. You'll be prominently featured as part of the email to all of our subscribers in the region.


Giveaways can be a great, low-cost option to reach the Sevents audience. Giveaways can be promoted on social media channels, the email newsletter, the site, or a combination of the three.

To discuss the option that's best for your needs, contact us today.